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Learn About Our Holistic Approach to Sedation and Dentistry in Ancaster

When you visit the dentist, do you ever pause and think about what exactly is placed in your mouth? Are you careful to avoid pharmaceutical and man-made drugs as much as possible? Are you more interested in a healthcare approach that begins treating you before disease even takes root? If so, you may be interested in a holistic approach dentistry at Ancaster’s Estrabillo Dental Group.

You may be wondering what “holistic dentistry” means. In a nutshell, it is a philosophy in dentistry that takes into account the overall health of the patient (that is, not just their teeth), and focuses on natural health solutions and disease prevention.

Dentists with a holistic approach may use alternative materials instead of chemicals like fluoride and mercury, which are found in most other typical dental clinics. They also believe in empowering the patient with knowledge to make their own decisions. Those dentists think it is just as important to prevent disease in the first place as it is to effectively treat it once disease has occurred.

Some dentists with a holistic approach have experience in other related fields, such as nutrition and naturopathy, which contributes to their practice. Others may offer homeopathic therapies and treatments and avoid the use of pharmaceutical chemicals as much as possible. Digital X-rays may also be utilized by holistic-focused dentists, which pose less radiation harm than typical X-rays.

At Estrabillo Dental Group, our holistic approach extends to our sedation services for patients with dental anxiety. There are different types of sedation, including nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”), IV sedation, oral sedatives and general anesthetic. If you are interested in sedation, we will discuss with you the options that best fit you. During this discussion, it is important to tell us about any other medications or medical treatments you are receiving.

Dentistry with a holistic approach is a modern approach that is now offered at many clinics. To learn more about this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Estrabillo Dental Group. As an Ancaster clinic with a holistic approach to dentistry, we are familiar and experienced with the discipline.

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