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Restore Your Teeth with Composite or Porcelain Dental Fillings in Ancaster

Daily brushing helps to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria that can enter a tooth, but occasionally some manages to get by and results in a cavity. At Estrabillo Dental Group we offer composite and porcelain dental fillings in Ancaster. Dental fillings help save your teeth from root canals and other procedures such as extractions.

Dental fillings replace harmful material on your teeth and restore your tooth structure that has been damaged due to decay or fracture. The filling process is typically a quick one; a local anesthetic is applied to ensure your comfort during the procedure. We will remove the decayed portion of your tooth then fill with material.

Replacing Metal Fillings

At Estrabillo Dental Group, we will replace old, damaged, amalgam, metal or silver fillings that contain traces of mercury with white fillings (composites or porcelain) to restore your smile and teeth to a more natural look and feel. Mercury has been found to have harmful health effects, which is why it is best to replace any fillings with mercury in them.

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