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General Treatments

Find a General Dentist with a Holistic Approach in Ancaster at Estrabillo Dental Group

If you have serious pain in your mouth or a large chip in a tooth, you should seek out the help of a general dentist in Ancaster. At Estrabillo Dental Group, we provide a wide range of dental services for clients of all ages. As general dentists with a holistic approach to dentistry, we are able to see each client as a whole person. We seek to offer treatments and procedures that are in alignment with the individual and more specifically with the same individual's immune system. With this approach, we seek to help you achieve a healthy smile and a healthier life.

What is a Holistic Approach to Dentistry?

As defined by the Holistic Dental Network, a holistic approach to dentistry is defined as “an approach to dentistry that promotes health and wellness instead of the treatment of disease.” This approach takes into consideration modern science and knowledge from healing traditions around the world.

Total Dental Care

We typically do most types of dental procedures and services in our office and also promote collaborative treatments with other health providers and specialists as needed. Our emphasis is on total preventive care for our clients. Total care begins with regular hygiene visits, regular check-ups and continued home oral health routines.

Our practice also provides the highest quality services for restoring mouths that have been damaged by dental disease, injury and common problems that require regular or cosmetic dentistry. We offer the following general treatments at our practice:

Contact us today if you’re interested in being treated with a holistic approach by a general dentist in Ancaster.

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