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Dental Health Information for Clients at Estrabillo Dental Group

Helping you achieve optimum oral health is our goal at Estrabillo Dental Group. Located in Ancaster, we serve the local area as a family dentist with a holistic approach. We offer a range of resources full of dental health information to help you make the right health care decisions for your family. You can also find helpful information on our blog. To schedule an appointment, contact us today.

Canadian Dental Association/L’Association Dentaire Canadienne

Dr. Estrabillo is a proud member of the Canadian Dental Association; it is the national voice for Canadian dental professionals dedicated to the promotion of oral health and professional advancement.

Global Smile International Haiti Dental Mission Trip 2009

In May 2009, Dr. Estrabillo and six other colleagues joined St. Margaret Mary Parish to volunteer their time and skills for a very remote mountainous area in Haiti. After five hours of trekking across 10 mountains by foot, motorcycle and mule, the team reached St. Gabriel Parish, Beau Sejour, Haiti. The team went into full swing the next day treating the villagers.

For many of the villagers Dr. Estrabillo is the first dentist they have ever seen. The villagers came as early as 4:00 AM, travelling for two hours with hopes of being seen and treated. At 7:30 AM, when the clinic started hundreds of people were already lined up. The dental clinic was simple, made of bare concrete with no dental equipment, no suctions, no hand pieces. The supplies that the team brought were the only supplies available.

Hamilton Academy of Dentistry

Dr. Estrabillo is a member of the Hamilton Academy of Dentistry and is actively involved in the Hamilton area and in the local community.

IAOMT International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

The IAOMT is a group of dentists, physicians and researchers involved in peer-reviewed scientific research, education and the promotion of biological dentistry. The IAOMT encourages the use of biocompatible materials and the development of appropriate protocols to ensure whole-body client health. The tenets of a good dental practice should be based on peer-reviewed research – not on conventional wisdom. Most importantly, the materials and procedures used in dentistry should not adversely affect the rest of the body.

Ontario Dental Association

Dr. Estrabillo is a proud member of the Ontario Dental Association. Dentistry is forever changing and Dr. Estrabillo wants to keep up with those changes to provide outstanding dental care to our clients.

Southern Ontario Dental College

SODC is a registered private career college with courses in dental hygiene located within the Greater Hamilton Area in the town of Ancaster, Ontario. Fully accredited and registered dental hygiene program – Southern Ontario Dental College is a centre of excellence in the oral health sciences. It provides quality education to dental professionals; engages in innovative research and fosters leadership in community service.

Sinclair Dental

Dr. Estrabillo strives to always be on the cutting edge and among the first to introduce new technologies that will enhance abilities and provide the best care possible to clients. Similarly, it should be every dental office’s desire to create the most relaxing, comfortable, up-to-date and sophisticated office in order to provide the highest quality dental care to its clients.


For years, dental occlusal analysis had been largely a matter of guesswork for dentists. Articulation paper, waxes, pressure indicator paste, etc. were all dentists had to assess and balance the occlusal forces. Most of these methods are not sensitive enough to detect simultaneous contact and none measure both biting time and force. Tekscan met the challenge by developing the T-Scan system. T-Scan’s grid-based sensor technology proved so successful that Tekscan has applied the same technology to hundreds of other applications, forming Tekscan’s medical and industrial divisions.

Selling Scrap or Old Dental Restorations

Your old dental crown or bridge may have value as scrap metal. Dental alloys contain gold as well as other valuable metals such as platinum, palladium and silver. Learn how to find a buyer for your old dental crown or bridge.

Dental Crown Alloys

When making a decision about selecting the type of metal you want for your dental crown, learn about the difference between the different alloys used for dental crowns.

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