What's Actually in Your Salt Shaker?

In your table salt you will find:

  • Anti caking agents
  • Bleach
  • Synthetic iodine
  • MSG
  • Sugar
  • Little to no trace minerals
  • Aluminum derivatives

This is one big list of negatives. No wonder why health professionals recommend low salt diets for many health concerns. Here is the thing! Not all salt is bad. Unprocessed salt such as sea salt or Himalayan salt have many health benefits. Here at Estrabillo Dental Group we promote the use of healthy sources of unprocessed salt. Trace minerals are necessary for digestion, kidney, bone and oral health. We need to maintain healthy levels of minerals to maintain healthy bodily functions. Salt not only has health benefits but adds flavour to food, kills bacteria, reduces sore throats and cleanses and detoxifies the body. It also makes those pearly whites healthy and strong!

Worried about not getting your daily recommended dose of iodine? Try adding sea vegetables such as arame, dulse or kelp to your diet on a daily basis instead of relying on table salt.

It is time to swap out that table salt! Get an abundance of trace minerals with real unprocessed sea or Himalayan salt! There are so many options! What is Estrabillo Dental Group's number 1 salt of choice?

We really love Redmond Real Salt. Real Salt comes from an ancient sea bed in central Utah. The deposit has over 60+ trace minerals! And guess what? You are in luck! We sell this salt out of our office, so drop in and pick yours up today!