The Ultimate Summer Oral Health Guide

Welcome Summer! We have been waiting for your warm sunshine. Camping trips, vacations, picnics and barbecues are all underway. However, all of these mixed-matched schedules of fun can throw off our oral health routine. Use Estrabillo Dental Group's favourite oral health tips for the summer months to keep those pearly whites healthy all summer long!

Book Your Dental Appointment

Your children are off from school so why not book a check up with their dentist? Reduce missed days of school by planning a summer trip to the dentist. Not only are you utilizing their time off but no one wants to go on vacation and get a toothache. So get the clean bill of health from your dentist to ensure your oral health is impeccable all summer long. Call our office to book your appointment.

Stock Up on Oral Health Tools
There’s nothing like forgetting your toothbrush on vacation. Make sure you pack a few extra tools for vacationing. Bring plenty of floss, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Enhance your oral care tool kit with a holistic punch by stocking items like tongue scrapers, tooth picks, tooth powders and essential oils.

Stock Your Kitchen with Essentials for Whole Body Health
During the summer months we typically lean more towards junk foods. Try to avoid processed foods for the sake of convenience. Keep the fridge stocked with local organic fruits and vegetables to avoid snacking on refined carbohydrates. Have healthy snacks on hand like trail mix, hummus and black bean dips. Reduce phytic acids by soaking your beans, grains, nuts and seeds. Get plenty of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K by eating grass fed meats, butter and organic meats.

Be Safe and Be Prepared
Summer wouldn’t be summer without all the sports, lake jumping and bike riding. Be sure to prevent dental emergencies. Pack a small first aid dental kit such as Ferrum Phosphoricum tissue salt, gauze, arnica pellets and cream. Keep a small glass jar with a lid if needed. Follow pool rules, including no running on slippery surfaces. Protect your children’s teeth during sports by using a mouth guard. Have ice and cold packs in the freezer if emergencies arise to keep inflammation and swelling down.