Oral Thrush

How to Get Rid of Oral Thrush

Do you have white coating or lesions on your tongue? You could have oral thrush.

What Is Oral Thrush?

Oral thrush is caused by a fungus called Candida Albicans. It typically shows up on the sides of the mouth, gums or tongue as white spots or lesions. This can eventually spread to the tonsils and throat. It can be spread to person to person and tends to weaken the immune system over time.

How Can You Get Rid of Oral Thrush for Good?
Ditch the Sugar
Avoid all refined carbohydrates, sugar, fruit and even sweeteners like maple syrup and honey. Sugar feeds candida albicans. Cut out the sugar, you inhibit the growth of candida.

Increase Probiotic Intake
Probiotic rich foods help kill off bad bacteria in the mouth and help maintain the healthy balance of good bacteria in the mouth. Try adding sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, yogurt and kombucha to daily meals and snacks! Are fermented foods not your thing? Try a probiotic capsule and probiotic gum to encourage bacteria balance in the mouth.

Oil Pulling
Coconut oil is anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial! Swish 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and between your teeth for 15-20 minutes first thing in the morning before you brush your teeth. Spit in the trash once done not down the sink!

Use a Tongue Scraper
Tongue scrapping is a detoxing practice used to scrap off toxins, bacteria and thrush off the tongue first thing in the morning before brushing your teeth or eating your breakfast. Scrap off the white coating and spit the residue. This encourages the body to rid of toxins instead of reabsorbing them.

Use Essential Oils
Essential oils can be extremely antibacterial and antifungal. Mix with a bit of coconut or almond oil and swish in your mouth like a mouth wash for about a minute. Experiment with different essential oils such tea tree, cayenne, cinnamon, sage, peppermint and neem oil to make your own tailored combination!

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