The Top 3 Fears of Going to the Dentist

Common Concerns about Going to the Dentist

Some people are simply afraid of going to the dentist but in the modern age, many of those fears have already been resolved by breakthroughs in dental technology! At Estrabillo Dental Group our team is passionate about eliminating the concerns people have about going to the dentist. So here are the top three fears of going to the dentist.

Concern #1: Fear of Pain

Many people have a fear of the dentist because they are afraid of feeling pain. Fortunately there are two things in modern dentistry that make a big difference!

  • Techniques and technologies now available to minimize or eliminate pain
  • The relationship and connection you have with your dentist
DIAGNOdent allows us to detect cavities earlier, and microabrasion and bonded restorations preserve much more of the healthy tooth.

You have several choices to calm your anxiety: conscious sedation (sometimes known as laughing gas) or general anesthetic (which we call “dentistry while you sleep”). No anxiety required!

And if you have any fears about chemicals in your body, remember we are a mercury-free dental practice!

A positive experience is especially important when working with children. Young children are invited to come to the office for a “chair ride”, well before they begin dental treatment. We gradually introduce them to instruments like the mouth mirror and tooth tickler. And after each visit every child gets to choose a prize from the treasure box!

Our clients love coming to the dentist! Here’s how we know: 80% of our clients drive over one hour to see us. According to a recent online client survey, one of our clients’ favourite things about coming to see us in the Ancaster office is the beautiful waiting room. They tell us it feels like a relaxing spa, which assists in reducing fears and feeling calm.

Concern #2: Convenience & Service
We are a one-stop dental shop. We have the experience, equipment and facilities for cleaning, braces, gum disease, implants, root canals, whitening, dentures, wisdom teeth extractions, and lots more. That means you don’t have to drive all around town!

Need to go to the dentist, but hate missing work? We offer extended hours so that you don’t have to miss a second. We also have ample free parking, and we are wheelchair accessible. We do instantaneous electronic insurance claim submissions on your behalf – which means you get your refund much faster than submitting it yourself.

Concern #3: Affordability
You know you can’t afford to ignore your teeth! And we know that some procedures may seem costly. Each year we set our fees to match the fees suggested by the Ontario Dental Association. With these guidelines, we can work with you to create a treatment plan, which defers fees if treatments and procedures can be spread out over time.

If times are truly tough, we have basic hygiene options available through the hygiene college at our location, so you never have to wait to care for your teeth. Please ask us for the options available. There’s no reason to fear the dentist!

Dr. Estrabillo’s holistic approach to dentistry will help you feel healthy inside and out. Call our office today to schedule an appointment!